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Ferry from the US to Cuba

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Is it likely that ferry services will be running between the Florida keys and Havana by December 2015 for non-US travellers?

Asked by Chris Radford Jones

Although the red in Cuban politics may be fading a little, the red tape is still quite vibrant. The websites for ferries from the US to Havana are up and running (most notably Havana Ferries) and the licenses have been assigned to a list of ferry companies whilst all are eagerly awaiting a bill to be passed through congress. If the bill is passed and American citizens are allowed to use it freely there is still liable to be a lot of paper work to clear before they’d get the right to travel. There is a possibility that other nationals will be able to use the ferries in due cause but the expectancy is that they will be full of Cuban – Americans and `licensed’ US Citizens. Perhaps when the novelty wears off and the ferry companies are trying to fill their quota we might see that happening but currently we are waiting, along with the Americans, to see what happens.

Rafe Stone

Answered by Rafe Stone
Product and Marketing

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