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01/05/2018 - 31/05/2018

Crooked Tree Cashew Festival - Belize


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26/05/2018 - 28/05/2018

El Gran Poder - La Paz

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Inca Trail with Journey Latin America

one month ago

Ask the experts

My wife and I are interested on a long trip to Peru, including Lake Titicaca and Machu Picchu, but also Ecuador, including the Amazon Rainforest and the Galápagos Islands. We wondered whether it would be better to make one trip or two dependiing on the best travel period for each area. We're both over 65s but reasonably fit.

Asked by A R

Thank you for contacting us about your possible trip to Peru and Ecuador, we certainly can help you.

Peru and Ecuador combines very nicely as they are next to each either and there are plenty of flights between both countries, if you can allow at least 3 weeks for this trip, I think is better to do it in one trip.

The warmer months for Galapágos is December until March, the water is clear with good visibility specially if you want to do snorkelling , these months however, are the wettest for Peru as it’s their summer and rainy season (February particularly).

To compromise for these 2 countries, I think that April-May are very good for both.

You can see the boats we work with in Galapagos as they vary in size from small, medium and large and let us know what’s your preference.

Have a look also one of our trips that combines Peru and Galapagos called Peru Wildlife: Pristine Amazon and enchanted Galápagos

I hope this information is useful, feel free to contact us on 020 8747 8315 or enquire online.

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Upcoming Events

Belize flag

Crooked Tree Cashew Festival

1 - 31 May 2018

The annual cashew festival about an hour from Belize City is a celebration not only of the nut, but the fruit more than anything. Cashews are transformed into wine, jellies, cakes, sweets and even ice cream for everyone to try. The festival also showcases some of its traditional folk music, dances and crafts. Taking place in May.

El Gran Poder

26 - 28 May 2018

Fiesta El Gran Poder is a traditional religious event held in the city of La Paz which pays homage to Jesus Christ. Held annually this is no longer just a small spiritual feast, gathering thousands of spectators, it has grown into an enormous festival with over 100 dance groups participating in the parade wearing colourful and intricate costumes.

ausangate trek

Snow Star Festival

27 - 29 May 2018

Snow Star Festival takes place in Sinakara Valley, Peru, and is a celebration combining Catholic, Incan and other indigenous beliefs during a three-day event. Around 30,000 pilgrims gather in this area for an intense celebration including music and dancing, as well as a procession.

Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi

30 - 30 May 2018

The festival of Corpus Christi celebrates the Eucharist as the body of Christ. The name 'Corpus Christi' is Latin for 'the body of Christ'. In some Latin American cities, such as Cusco, in addition to a Mass, there are effervescent processions.

Thronging with crowds lining the cobbled streets, Cusco comes alive with effigies of Christ and the Virgin Mary. Each effigy is beautifully clothed in stunningly intricate costumes and is carried through the streets by the religious processions, making this an extraordinary spectacle.

Coyoacan, Mexico City

Frida Kahlo Making Her Self Up

16 Jun - 30 Nov 2018

The Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up exhibition at the V&A London showcases a collection of personal artefacts and clothing belonging to the iconic Mexican artist. It’s the first time that the collection will be exhibited outside Mexico.

Inti Raymi

Inti Raymi - Festival of the Sun

22 - 22 Jun 2018

Peru celebrates some 3,000 festivals a year, of which the most significant is Inti Raymi, a reenactment of the Inca Festival of the Sun.

The extravagant festival is held inside the ruins of Cusco's Sacsayhuamán fortress and attended by hundreds of visitors, seated among the ruins.

The Angel Falls, Venezuela

Fiesta de San Juan Bautista

23 - 25 Jun 2018

St John de Baptist is the patron saint to many in Central America, and is commemorated every year with several religious and cultural events in Venezuela accompanied by drums, liquor and dancing.

Bumba meu boi

Bumba Meu Boi

23 - 29 Jun 2018

The festival is a dance-off competition that lasts for three nights. Boi Bumba roughly translates to "Beat the Bull." Each team has the chance tell the story of Boi (bull), and how he was killed and resurrected. Teams use allegories, costumes, giant puppets, musical instruments (mostly drums) and dance.

The best place to see the festival is the Amazonian island of Parintins, 370km east of Manaus. Another great place to celebrate Bumba Meu Boi is in São Luís, the capital of the Brazilian state of Maranhão from late June to August.

Christ the Redeemer

Festas Juninas

24 - 24 Jun 2018

Festa Junina (June Festival) is a Catholic tradition that takes place in June to celebrate saints and new plantation seasons. Bonfires, games, music, food and drink are important aspects of the festivities.


National Ceviche Day

28 - 28 Jun 2018

If you are partial to a bit of fresh ceviche - marinated raw fish - head to Peru for la Día Nacional del Cebiche on June 28th next year.

Ceviche is virtually a national obsession and National Ceviche Day is an annual event celebrating Peru's simplest, but most delicious dish. Lima and Callao are two of the best places to spend the day - but remember, Ceviche is a lunchtime dish so build your appetite from the previous night!

Street performance, Havana

Havana Carnival

1 Jul - 26 Aug 2018

Cultural heritage and traditions are being showcased at the Havana Carnival, taking place during weekends in July and August. Parades, street parties, colourful costumes, dancing, fireworks and more are all part of the celebrations.

Santiago de Cuba

Fiesta del Fuego

3 - 9 Jul 2018

The week-long raunchy street party known as the Fiesta del Fuego takes place in Santiago on Cuba's east coast. Celebrate Caribbean culture by dancing all night long, fuelled by a steady supply of the delicious Cuban Havana Club rum.

Santiago de Cuba, "the first city of the revolution", is a town with a history of popular insurgency that long predates Castro's revolution. Like all good revolutionaries, the Santiaguerros know how to throw a good party.

Venezuela Independence Day

5 - 5 Jul 2018

The people from Venezuela celebrate Independence Day on 5 July. Major towns and cities organise live events on the streets, including music concerts and huge fireworks displays.

Buenos Aires

Argentina Independence Day

9 - 9 Jul 2018

On 9th July the people of Argentina celebrate independence of Spanish rule. On Independence Day being together with family and friends is one of the most important things for Argentineans. The menu for the day is important too, with locro for the main corse and pastelitos as dessert. Locro is a stew made from corn, pumpkin, beans and meat. Pastelitos are made from fried pastry and stuffed with jam or sweet potato puree.


Colombia Independence Day

20 - 20 Jul 2018

Colombia celebrates Independence Day on 20 July. Parades and marches are held throughout Colombia. Other popular activities on this day include watching sports and listening to traditional folk music.

cusco dancers

Peru Independence Day

28 - 28 Jul 2018

On 28 July annually, Peruvians throw patriotic parties and attend both military and civilian celebrations to commemorate  the Declaration of Peru's Independence (1821) by the liberator José de San Martín: Fiestas Patrias. Even in the most remote communities throughout the country houses and businesses fly the Peruvian flag from the start of the month.

On the night of July 27th, Peruvians fill plazas and public parks and thrill to performances of folk and Creole music.  At dawn on July 28 there’s a salvo of 21 cannons, to herald the ceremony of the raising of the flag. On the following day, before a military parade is held in downtown Lima, the Te Deum ceremony, attended by the president, is celebrated in the Lima Cathedral.

In various parts of the country, Peruvians also hold agricultural and livestock fairs alongside events which are the soul of Creole culture: cockfighting, bullfighting and exhibitions by Peruvian pace horses.

Medellin flower festival

Medellin Flower Festival

1 - 10 Aug 2018

The Medellín Flower Fair has been running since 1957 and is one of the city’s most important cultural events. Browse the arrays of scented orchids and be amazed by the complexity that is flower artistry.

If flowers aren’t your thing there’s also a classic car show, a beauty pageant and plenty of music and dancing. And whatever you do don't miss the parades of campesinos (country folk) who carry large wooden constructions elaborately and beautifully decorated with flowers of every colour and fragrance.


Nuestra Senora de las Nieves

5 - 5 Aug 2018

The Virgen de las Nieves is the patron saint of the town of Tinta in Cusco, Peru and is commemorated every year in the month of August. The festival lasts two weeks, with the main celebrations taking place on 5 August. Literary competitions, concerts, conferences, music, dance and a special mass are some of the activities that take place.

Colourful street in La Paz, Bolivia

Bolivia Independence Day

6 - 6 Aug 2018

On 6th August, the people from Bolivia commemorate the Declaration of Independence by Simon Bolivar on 6th August 1825. It’s celebrated featuring colourful military parades, gun salutes, street dances, food, music and fireworks.


Buenos Aires international Tango Festival and World Championship

9 - 22 Aug 2018

The tango, possibly the world’s steamiest and most sexually evocative dance, evolved from back-street bordellos to high-society ballrooms and is inextricably linked with the culture of Buenos Aires. The dance’s passion is celebrated every August during the Tango Buenos Aires Festival, with up to half a million spectators.

You can watch some of the most talented tanguistas from Argentina and all over the world performing in a variety of venues and then you can have a go yourself, with free classes for beginners throughout the festival.

Ecuador Independence Day

10 - 10 Aug 2018

The people from Ecuador celebrate Independence Day on 10 August. Fairs, military parades and other cultural events take place across the country.


Anniversary of the City of Arequipa

15 - 15 Aug 2018

To celebrate the anniversary of the City of Arequipa, Peru, the International Fair of Arequipa on Mount Juli is held, together with artisanal exhibitions, the Festidanza dance festival and climbing Mount Misti.

Montevideo old town

Uruguay Independence Day

25 - 25 Aug 2018

To mark Independence Day, several patriotic ceremonies take place in Montevideo.

hay festival

Hay Festival Queretaro - Mexico

6 - 9 Sep 2018

Hay Festival is an annual literature festival hosted in different cities and countries in the world, modeled after the original festival held in Hay-on-Wye, Wales.

Brazil flag

Brazil Independence day

7 - 7 Sep 2018

Thousands of people get together throughout Brazil to celebrate Brazilian Independence Day every year. The date celebrates Brazil's Declaration of Independence from the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves on September 7, 1822.

People gather in the streets celebrating with banners, balloons and streamers. Students take part in the parade held on the morning waving their Brazilian flags. Military parades take place in many towns and cities but there’s a carnival atmosphere throughout the day where people of all ages take In the evening people gather to see firework displays. 

Margarita Island

Virgen del Valle

8 - 15 Sep 2018

The patron saint of sailors, fishermen and other seafarers is honoured in Isla de Margarita, Venezuela every September. Street fairs, dances and expositions take place during this week to commemorate the patron saint.

Jesuit Mission Circuit

Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross

14 - 14 Sep 2018

A religious festival in honour of the holy cross is celebrated each year in Cochabamba, Bolivia and is one of the biggest festivals in the area. The celebrations include a pilgrim procession, folkloric dancing, music, mass and typical food.

Colourful cart wheel

Costa Rica Guatemala Honduras Nicaragua Independence Day

15 - 15 Sep 2018

Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua all celebrate Independence Day on 15th September

Celebration flags Mexico

Mexico Independence Day

16 - 16 Sep 2018

Mexico celebrates its Independence Day with fireworks, parties (fiestas), food, dance and music on September 16. "Viva Mexico" or "Viva la independencia” are shouted amidst the crowds on this day.


Chile Independence Day

18 - 18 Sep 2018

On 18th September the people from Chile commemorate their independence dating back to the same day in 1810. The country celebrates enthusiastically with parades, festivities, food, drink and music. In some areas the celebrations last all month.

Belize flag

Belize Independence Day

20 - 20 Sep 2018

The little Caribbean country Belize, formerly the British colony  British Honduras, only achieved independence from Britain in 1981. For 3 weeks prior to the celebration of Independence Day in September there is a build-up of festivities including a series of musical events and joyous, costumed processions.

Street buildings are adorned with streamers in the red, white and blue of the Belizean flag and a spirit of effervescent patriotism pervades everywhere; possibly partly targeted at Guatemala which has long held territorial claims over the territory. Join in the fun: a calendar of events is published, please enquire with us. 

Monarch Butterflies

1 Oct 2018 - 28 Feb 2019

Each year approximately 250 million orange and black Monarch butterflies travel for distances as great as 3,100 miles in order to avoid the freezing cold temperatures in Canada and the north of the USA. Millions of these monarchs spend their winter in the Pineridges Mountains of Michoacan state, Mexico, where they cluster together by the thousands. This is a spectacle of nature not to be missed.

Mexican hot chocolate

Chocolate Week

8 - 14 Oct 2018

Some may say that the discovery of chocolate by the Aztecs to be one of the top 10 discoveries of the world. So in honour of this every day snack we do not take for granted, this week is dedicated to all thing chocolate.


Bogota International Film Festival

11 - 17 Oct 2018

An annual international film festival held in Bogotá, Colombia. 55 films from 32 different countries showcase across fourteen movie theatres in the city.

Brazil flag

Cirio de Nazare

14 - 14 Oct 2018

Círio de Nazaré takes place in Belém, Brazil and attracts an average of two million visitors for its gigantic procession in honour of Our Lady of Nazareth.


Lord of the Miracles Festival

18 - 28 Oct 2018

The Lord of the Miracles procession in Lima, Peru, is the largest of its kind in Latin America. The festival honours a 350-year-old image of a black Jesus, painted by a freed slave, which survived an earthquake that destroyed the entire church, except the wall the painting was on.

Antartic Circle

Antarctic summer

31 Oct 2018 - 2 Mar 2019

Cruising around Antarctica is only possible between late October to early March. During the Antarctic summer there are long hours of daylight. The sun tints the ice from an extraordinary palette of pink, crimson and violet. The sheer scale of Antarctica overwhelms: towering ice walls, giant tabular icebergs, and rugged snow-streaked mountains. At this time of year, the theatre of wildlife in the Antarctic is ever-changing –- birds court and mate in November, give birth to their young in December/January and fledge and despatch them in February. The beaches teem with seals and penguins, and the icy sea is home to orca, minke, killer and grey whales.

Day of the Dead

Dia de los Muertos - Day of the Dead

1 - 2 Nov 2018

All of Mexico stops during the first two days of November for a nationwide communion with the dead, known locally as ‘Día de los Muertos'.

This is however a more joyful occasion than you might expect, as it’s both a remembrance of loved ones and a celebration of the eternal cycle of life and death. Perhaps the best place to see the celebrations is the island of Janitzio on Lake Pátzcuaro, where the bell at the entrance of the local cemetery rings all night long, calling the souls to return and join in the ceremony.

Panama City

Panama Independence Day

3 - 3 Nov 2018

Panama celebrates the Independence from Colombia with big parades in Panama City, including traditional folklore dancing in the streets. 


Hay Festival Arequipa - Peru

8 - 11 Nov 2018

Hay Festival is an annual literature festival hosted in different cities and countries in the world, modeled after the original festival held in Hay-on-Wye, Wales.

Gauchos on the Argentine pampa

Festival of Tradition Gaucho Festival

10 - 11 Nov 2018

The oldest gaucho festival takes place in Buenos Aires every year in November and features a parade, rodeo, gaucho skills demonstrations, as well as live music, and a Criolla style barbeque. The event ends with a bonfire organised by all the gauchos.

Quito, Ecuador

Fiestas de Quito

29 Nov - 6 Dec 2018

Fiestas de Quito is a weeklong festival celebrating the foundation of Quito, Ecuador. Activities include bullfighting, parades, flamenco dancing, opera and theatre shows.

La Quema del Diablo

7 - 7 Dec 2018

Guatemalans strongly believe that by burning rubbish from their homes and streets they are purging their homes and towns of evil. The piles of collected rubbish are set alight in the evening and people gather to celebrate a longstanding tradition of Quema del Diablo (The Burning of the Evil). Men dress up as devils and give chase to local children, while Antigua's Convent of Conception erects an effigy of Lucifer himself, which is also set ablaze.

Fiesta Chichicacastenango

Fiesta de Santo Tomas

13 - 21 Dec 2018

The Fiesta de Santo Tomas takes place over the seven days leading up to St Thomas’s Day on December 21, and is arguably one of the biggest and best annual events in Central America. Held in the relatively remote highland town of Chichicastenango, the festival combines Catholic and native Mayan traditions in a series of unique dances, processions and live music.

Central Oaxaca

La Noche de Rabanos

23 - 23 Dec 2018

La Noche de Rábanos or `Radish Night' is one of the most unique folk art festivals in the world and takes place every December 23rd in Oaxaca. Three days before the festival, artists begin carving their freshly dug radishes, spraying them constantly with water to maintain freshness. On the night of the competition, artisans display their ornate and lovingly created radish sculptures, ranging from representations of small animals and human figures to grand dioramas of the Nativity.

Santuranticuy Festival

24 - 24 Dec 2018

Hundreds of artisans gather to sell traditional carved Nativity figures and saints’ images on Plaza de Armas in Cusco, Peru.

Silvia Market

Cali Fair

25 - 30 Dec 2018
Each Christmas Cali enjoys the rich festival programme of one of Colombia's most renowned national events, the Cali Fair (Feria de Cali). The city is the salsa capital of Colombia, so there's plenty of lively Latin-American dancing.
Unlike the many large Latin city fairs which concentrate on livestock, this event focuses on parties and parades. Salsa is not exclusively a Cuban phenomenon and Colombia has a well-established hip-shaking scene.
Christmas in Mexico City


25 - 25 Dec 2018

Christmas in Latin America is not just celebrated on Christmas day but weeks in advance. It's a time for family gatherings and homemade cooking along with mass services and fireworks.

New Year in Rio de Janeiro

New Years Eve in Rio de Janeiro

31 - 31 Dec 2018

The tradition Révellion bonfire show in Copacabana beach with millions of eager onlookers dressed in the traditional white, is a staple image shown across the world in the New Year.


Hay Festival Cartagena - Colombia

24 - 27 Jan 2019

Hay Festival is an annual literature festival hosted in different cities and countries in the world, modeled after the original festival held in Hay-on-Wye, Wales. 

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