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When to go where

If you aren't limited by school term dates and have a destination in mind, we've put together some ideas based on typical school holiday dates.

When to go where

If you are limited by school term dates we've put together some ideas based on typical school holiday dates.

Christmas Holidays

In our wintriest months much of South America is your oyster – with seasons in the southern hemisphere being the opposite of our own. This is the height of Patagonia season as well as the best time to visit anywhere in the Caribbean, including Cuba, Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama. At this time of year, Iguazú Falls is at its fullest, making a break to Argentina and Brazil particularly rewarding. Southern Brazil can be rainy at this time of year, but there are still plenty of reasons to visit – including spectacular New Year celebrations and all the fun of the Brazilian summer.

The following destinations all typically experience optimum weather conditions during the Christmas holidays:
Argentina (and Uruguay)
Brazil, particularly Bahia and the northeast Family walking on Seymour Island Galapagos
Central America
The Galápagos Islands
Easter Island

Spring Half Term

Latin American weather conditions in February are similar to those during the Christmas period – see above.

Easter Holidays

By April, the rainy season in the Central Andes is coming to an end and the land is refreshed, lush and green – a superb time to visit. While on one hand the window of opportunity for visiting Peru is just opening, Patagonia season is coming to an end – but the intense autumnal colours mean that April really is a last hurrah. This is also the best time of year to visit the Galápagos as well as mainland Ecuador.

Consider travelling to:
Argentina, Chile and Uruguay

particularly Rio and the south (the north is on the cusp of the rainy season)
Central America and the Caribbean, including Cuba
and Bolivia
Ecuador and the Galápagos
The Guianas
See the spectacular Easter celebrations in Antigua, Guatemala

Spring/Summer Half Term

A short June break would be ideally suited to the following destinations:
Central Argentina or Chile – for example Buenos Aires coupled with an estancia stay
Mexico or Central America

The weather is also at its best in Peru, Ecuador & Galápagos and Bolivia, though these destinations are generally suited to a longer holiday than half term would typically allow. In addition, this is a great time to visit the Amazon.

Summer Holiday

Avoid Caribbean regions – our summer months coincide with the rainy season and even bring a risk of hurricanes in some of the more northern countries. On the other hand this is the optimum season for the Andes and a great time all round to visit Brazil.

Consider a trip to:
Peru, including Machu Picchu and the Amazon Rio de Janiero
Brazil – aim to visit in August, when the rainy season has ended in Bahia and the north, and in Rio the weather is usually dry and pleasant. Meanwhile in the Pantanal, our summer is the height of the dry season, when wildlife is most easily viewed. (Note that Florianópolis can be a bit chilly at this time of year.)
Bolivia, Ecuador and The Galápagos Islands.
Angel Falls (though it is not the best time to visit coastal Venezuela)

Autumn Half Term

The autumn half term would be a perfect time for a week-long break in Brazil– both north and south are at their best at this time. Consider a few days in Rio followed by some relaxation on the Emerald Coast, or alternatively couple Salvador with Morro de São Paulo or Praia do Forte. A Buenos Aires city break with a stay on an estancia or sometime in the scenic Salta area would also be a good option. Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador are all still enjoying dry weather at this time of year.

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