Madidi Rainforest Reserve

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Harbouring almost 1,000 species of bird and nearly half of all the mammal species found anywhere in the Americas, the diverse habitats of Madidi National Park are a haven for Amazonian wildlife.This well-protected reserve is home to jaguars, ocelots and tapirs, although easier to spot are the numerous capybaras, caimans, spider monkeys and colourful birds, including toucans and parrots.

On this four day trip you’ll travel by boat down the jungle-fringed rivers Beni and Tuiche through steep canyons for 5 hours to reach isolated Chalalan Lodge, a community-run eco-project.  From there you will venture out both on foot and by boat with an expert guide who can point out exotic creatures hiding in the tree tops, and there are nocturnal hikes to experience the forest when most of its wild inhabitants are at their most active (unless it's unseasonably cold!).

Day 1: Accompanied by a pilot and guide, you will travel by motor launch from your hotel or the airport in the attractive little river-port Rurrenabaque. After an hour cruising down the broad River Beni, flanked by fields of crops and vegetables and dotted with small farmsteads through a steep gorge o its junction with the smaller, livelier river Tuiche, negotiating small rapids. Once within the park, there is no more farming: just pure rainforest. Arrive at Chalalán and walk for 30mins, possibly accompanied by birds and monkeys, to the lodge. Lunch, and your first guided excursion into the surrounding jungle or by canoe on the serene Lake Chalalán below the lodge..

Days 2-3: There are at least two outings per day on foot, exploring well marked circuits through the surrounding rainforest and up to viewpoints over the surrounding jungle. You’ll be very likely to spot several species of monkey, caimans lurking in the lagoon, and loads of tropical birds including macaws, parakeets and toucans.

Day 4: Return by boat to Rurrenabaque.

4 days from £626pp