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Purchasing flights from Journey Latin America means that you understand and accept these terms.


1. Journey Latin America is a fully bonded tour operator and offers complete financial protection for all monies paid to us for air travel and holidays. We hold an ATOL licence (2828) and are members of ABTA (V2522) and AITO (5072). When you book with Journey Latin America you can rest assured that your money is safe. For more information on how your booking is protected, visit our website:



2. Most fares/tickets do not permit changes (to dates or routes of travel) and are non-refundable once issued.  If you need more flexibility than this, before using this booking engine, please contact us by e mail, or telephone during office hours 020 8747 3108 (or (+4420 8747 3108 from outside UK) before making a reservation.
3. All airline tickets sold and issued by Journey Latin America are electronic tickets (e-tickets)
4.  Tickets are non-transferable (to another person) and name changes, however minor they may be, are not permitted. All flight reservations must be made using the name exactly as it appears in the traveller’s passport.
5. You should not expect the airline to pay for accommodation at intermediate stops where no through connection is available. They may not even pay when a missed connection or flight is not your fault. Journey Latin America accepts no claims for additional costs or contingent liability in these cases.
6. The airline reserves the right to change the flight schedule at any time.  Carriers specifically state that timetables or routings, or type of ‘plane (“equipment”) are not guaranteed; nor do carriers assume responsibility for making connections even if they are shown on the ticket documentation.
7. Flights must be used in order of sequence (for example, failure to use the first sector of your itinerary could invalidate the rest of your ticket) 
8. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have provided correct contact details for travellers, as requested during the booking procedure.


9. Journey Latin America cannot guarantee that specific seats will be available on departure, even if pre-booked with the airline. We recommend you check in early.
10. Any special requests (meals, disabled facilities etc) will be requested but cannot be guaranteed.


11. Full payment is required at time of booking. Payment may be made only by credit or debit card.  A surcharge of 2% will be made for any payment by credit card; no charge is levied for debit card payments.  Journey Latin America will not be liable for any additional costs incurred should there be a problem with your transaction.
12. All fares are charged in GB pounds sterling. In some cases the fare calculation may have been done by conversion from another currency at the exchange rate applicable on date of issue.


13. We strongly advise you to arrange insurance cover for your trip. Medical costs incurred in South America can be very high and petty theft is depressingly common. Journey Latin America recommends Campbell Irvine.


14. It is not necessary to reconfirm outward reservations from the UK. However, we strongly recommend that you check your flights and timings via Check My Trip or the airline website (ideally within 24 hours of the schedule departure time, to ensure for example that the airline has not changed the flight timings). The same applies to onward reservations if you break your journey, eg  for a stopover. We also recommend that you use the online check-in option that most airlines offer within 24 hours of the scheduled departure time.


15. Most taxes, including UK Airport Departure Tax (APD) and certain ‘transit’ taxes are paid in UK when you pay for tickets. However, in addition, airport taxes for both domestic and international travel are charged at check-in by some South American airports. Journey Latin America can accept no liability for tax collected incorrectly in Latin America.  


16. Regulations vary with each airline, but many do not carry women in their 28th week of pregnancy or beyond without a certificate from a doctor. Please check with us before continuing with your booking.
17. Infants aged under 2  years must sit on an adult’s lap - you may request a bassinet for an infant under 6 months, but the size of the infant may also be taken into consideration. Most airlines charge for this service. If a seat is required for an infant, child fare is normally charged; if two infants travel with one adult, one infant must occupy and pay for a seat.  Infants are not usually entitled to baggage allowance, but the accompanying adult is usually permitted to carry a reasonable amount of baby equipment.  Infants turning 2 or children turning 12 during the course of their journey (eg for onward or return flights) may have to pay a higher fare.  Please contact us for details (see below).
18. For bookings for unaccompanied children (under 12), young persons (under 16), or for one or more adults travelling with more than two children apiece, please contact us
19. Please contact us if you have requirements for special meals or airport assistance.
20. It is implicit in your using this booking service that you be over the age of 18 years, and be using a payment card with the permission of the cardholder.

Contact us on 020 8747 3108 in office hours, or at


21. For departures from the UK, all airlines, and therefore passengers, must abide by the regulations (or emergency measures) imposed by the Department for Transport. 
22. Any advice or information which Journey Latin America may offer regarding baggage must be regarded as general. Airlines frequently change their allowances to passengers, and there are often inconsistencies in the way that airlines handle or charge for excess weight or unusual baggage. Unusual baggage might include, but is not limited to: bicycles, surfboards, scuba equipment, golf clubs or any bulky or unusually shaped items. Journey Latin America accepts no claims for compensation or contingent liability associated with any part of airlines’ performance, delivery of service, or application of charges associated with baggage handling.
23. If luggage goes missing, the airline responsible for processing the claim is the final carrier, regardless of which carrier might have caused the problem in the first place.
24.  Some airlines (usually EC carriers who are IATA members) limit their liability for lost, damaged or delayed items under the terms of the Montreal Convention, where the maximum payable is approx EUR 1200 per passenger. Other IATA airlines apply the Warsaw Convention, where the maximum payable is approx. EUR 20 per kilo of checked-in baggage and approx EUR 400 in total for unchecked baggage. Time limits apply, within which the airline must be advised of damage, loss or delay.


25. Certain smaller airlines do not maintain up-to-date availability in the GDS (shared airlines’ booking system) and in some instances airlines may cancel bookings, because what appeared to be available when booked in fact wasn’t, because the airline had not kept the GDS up-to-date.
26. In exceptional circumstances, Journey Latin America may not be able to issue tickets for confirmed sectors owing to UK ticketing restrictions. In these circumstances we will try to contact you within 24 hours of confirmation and make alternative arrangements or, failing that, refund you for this sector.  These alternative arrangements may be more expensive and you will be asked to pay the difference should you choose to take up this offer.


27. Some itineraries will require a change of aircraft: there may be other touchdowns in addition to the ‘plane changes.  All airlines reserve the right to alter the routing of your flight to enable them to get you to your destination.
28. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct visas for all countries to be visited or transited, and that all your passport details are correct. Transit means a change of ‘plane at an airport where you are not intending to break your journey (but nevertheless may be obliged to pass through passport control).
29. Most Latin American countries require your passport to have a minimum of six months before expiry, beyond your return date home. Journey Latin America can accept no responsibility for a person using any ticket being refused entry on arrival at destination or in the UK.
All passengers entering or transiting USA must have an ESTA and biometric passport . It is your responsibility to ensure you have one – British passport holders can find information on the FCO website - but all nationalities are affected.

31. Before travel and whilst you are away, we strongly advise you to check FCO Travel Advice website or call 0870 606 0290. This travel advice is specific to each country and is updated regularly.  The BBC website is also useful


32. EU regulation 889/2002 requires EC carriers to apply the provisions of the Montreal Convention. Under its terms, there are no financial limits in respect of death or bodily injury. EU regulation 261/2004 relates to all flights departing from the EU and all flights into the EU on EU carriers. It sets down rules governing compensation and assistance which must be provided to disrupted passengers and specifically covers cancelled flights, long delays, denied boarding and downgrades. The exact remedies to be offered under the legislation depend upon the circumstances of the disruption. Affected passengers should ask at the airport for details of their rights under the legislation and on claiming compensation.   Some non-EC IATA airlines apply the Warsaw Convention where there are limits to the liability in the case of death or injury. These vary from a maximum of approx EUR 10,000 to not less than USD 75,000 depending on carrier, and route. Carriers may also be liable for damage caused by long delays.
33. Carriage and other services provided by the airline are subject to conditions of carriage, which are hereby incorporated by reference. These conditions may be obtained from the issuing carrier.
34. The itinerary summary/receipt constitutes the passenger ticket for the purposes of Article 3 of the Warsaw convention, except where the carrier delivers to the passenger another document complying with the requirements of article 3.
35. If the passenger’s journey involves an ultimate destination or stop in a country other than the country of departure, the Warsaw Convention may be applicable and the Convention governs, and in most cases limits, the liability of carriers for death or personal injury and in respect of personal damage to baggage. See also notices headed 'advice to international passengers on limitation of liability' and 'notice of baggage liability limitations'


Journey Latin America acts as agent for the airline(s), and not the principal. This means that you should seek any redress, whether financial or otherwise, directly from the airline(s).  Sometimes airlines are referred to as carriers.

Airlines have joined forces in various strategic alliance groups. The main implication for passengers is Code Sharing:  you may think, for example, that you have booked on British Airways, but you find yourself travelling on Iberia or LAN. Journey Latin America has no influence over this.

Journey Latin America has no control over the behaviour of the staff of an airline, and can offer no refund or compensation for poor service.

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