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Things to consider before you book


Do ensure that the names used on booking match exactly with those in the passport. A mis-match may mean you will be denied boarding and name changes after ticket issue are not normally permitted.

Fares & Changes

Once you’ve booked and paid, most fares allow no changes, either to the route or the date. If you’re looking to buy a more flexible ticket, please call us before booking your ticket.

Could we have booked you the same thing cheaper?

Any prospective traveller may use our online booking-engine to book and pay for flights. However, if you are also booking other services with Journey Latin America, you may be eligible for cheaper fares than we are permitted to quote here – it’s always worth checking with us first.


We make no extra charge if you decide to pay by debit card. Payments by credit or charge card are subject to a 2% surcharge.

Baggage allowance

Typically this varies from airline to airline and according to route. If baggage allowance is particularly important to you, please call us before booking your ticket.


You must ensure that you meet all passport and visa requirements, both for the countries that you will visit, for the countries that you will transit (ie where you will change ‘plane but not leave the airport) and for the duration of your trip. For example, stays for longer than three months may not meet US or Latin American tourist immigration laws and you could be asked to change your return date (at additional cost to you) before being allowed to depart.   Most Latin American countries will expect you to have 6 months’ validity remaining on your passport. British citizens can find up-to-date information on the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website. Citizens of other countries should consult the relevant embassy.


We recommend that you always check with your own travel clinic or health professional before you travel, for advice specific to your requirements. The NHS Fit For Travel website contains for up-to-date health advice and lists the common vaccinations normally required.

Special requests

Requests such as the pre-booking of meals, seats, airport assistance or unusual luggage - cannot be accomplished during the online booking process. Once your reservation is confirmed we’ll let you know how to tell us what you might need. Please bear in mind that, whilst we’re happy to make requests on your behalf, such items are at the discretion of the airline and therefore cannot normally be guaranteed.

‘Special’ passengers

Regulations vary with each airline, but many will refuse to carry women in their 28th week of pregnancy or beyond without a certificate from a doctor. An infant under 2 years must sit on an adult’s lap and is not entitled to baggage allowance. If a seat is required for the infant, the child fare is normally charged.  Infants turning 2 (or children turning 12) during the course of their journey may have to pay a higher fare. Minors (under 16) must be accompanied by an adult. Unaccompanied minors can only be carried by prior agreement with the airline. In all of these cases, you may wish to contact us before making a booking.

What our experts say

If you don’t find the fare or routing that you are looking for, contact our flights team directly to benefit from the expertise of our dedicated specialists.

020 8747 3108 


Chris Rendell-Dunn

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