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The old cliché “country of contrasts” really does apply to Venezuela, a Latin republic with a Caribbean beat and a strong indigenous presence. Jagged, snow-capped Andean mountains shelter quaint Spanish colonial towns, while the indian Warao communities of the Orinoco basin practice their simple lifestyle.

In the “Lost World” of tepuys - flat-topped tablelands - waterfalls plunge over towering vertical cliffs, falling to the extensive savannah grasslands and on to the marshy llanos where capybaras, caimans and anteaters jostle for space. The best known is the romantic Angel Falls, the longest drop in the world, where the stream of water breaks down into a veil of misty spray.

Little visited by foreign visitors are the long stretches of gorgeous palm-fringed Caribbean beaches along the mainland coast and Venezuela’s Caribbean islands, including the divine sun-drenched coral reef islands of Los Roques. Venezuela is a growing adventure activity destination with horse-riding, mountain-biking and canoeing opportunities. The comprehensive road and air network makes it easy to get around.

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Arriving by canoe and on foot at the foot of Angel Falls and staring up at the dizzying cascade of spray. A more sensual experience than flying over the cataract where your view may be obscured by clouds...

Spotting a flock of brilliant Scarlet ibis on a guided wildlife safari in the marshy plains of the llanos, avoiding the capybara dozing on the rough road, while macaws and parakeets screech overhead.
Ben Line

Learning about the simple way of life of the Warao Indians from your lodge in the Orinoco delta, and maybe get an understanding of what it means be content with so little.

Mary Anne
Riding the world’s highest and longest cable car in the Andes outside Mérida: it reaches Pico Espejo at 4,765m, and there are views over a savage, wild and ice-capped landscape. It’s not always operating so grab your chance if you can…

Brian Williams
Sun worshipping on one of the deserted beaches of Los Roques Islands, a cold beer in your hand, after swimming and snorkelling in the clear, gemstone-bright Caribbean waters. 
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  • Client Comments

    Highlight: Sorry but its several! Canaima, two moments, going behind the curtain of water in the Sapo Waterfall and the view of the whole Angel Falls from the viewpoint after a rather exhausting climb. Our drive through the Andes. Horse riding in Hato Cristero in the sunset, all the birds coming to the trees for the night.

    MAC, Salford | January 2016 | 35 - 50 | With Partner
  • Client Comments


    “Three areas that we will never forget - Lagoon, Angel Falls and Playa de Uva. Amazing places, breath taking views and undescribable experiences!”

    WMC, Deeside | February 2014
  • Client Comments

    Most memorable experience: “All of Venezuela except Caracas and Margarita.  The Delta and Los Llanos and Angel Falls were fantastic.” 
    AM, Woodbridge | November 2011 | 65 and over | With Partner
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