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The Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) lie 500km east of the coast of Argentina. Many people know a bit about their history, but few are aware of the wilderness beauty of this remote archipelago in the South Atlantic Ocean. The islands have an unpolluted hilly environment with sprawling, wind-buffeted, tree-less landscapes and white sand beaches. A huge variety of wildlife inhabits or visits the archipelago and the fauna outnumbers the human population by 10-1. At least five species of penguin crowd the shores of the Falklands - gentoo, macaroni, rockhopper, king and African penguin. Elephant seals, sea-lions and seals, an abundance of birds, minke and killer whales can be spotted here, their mournful cries carried on the incessant winds.

Port Stanley, the capital, resembles a small English town fifty years ago, with squat, white, pitched roofed cottages, an Anglican seafront church and familiar red phone boxes. The hulks of ships abandoned a century ago lie in rocky coves, testament to an era when the islands were a port of call for passing ships before the opening of the Panama Canal. Nowadays, the 3,000 islanders remain British in outlook and descent, adhering to British laws and buying British goods.

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King penguins

Antarctica Wildlife: Falklands, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula

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24 days from £12,955pp

Paradise Bay

Antarctica: Journey to the Antarctic Circle

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18 days from £12,987pp

Falklands seagull

Chile and the Falklands Wildlife Holiday: Penguins and albatrosses

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14 days from £5,885pp

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Our insider tips for Falkland Islands

Ben Line

Ben Line

Visit Volunteer Beach. A pristine 3km wide white sand beach backed by a blue lagoon. This stunning location is the year-round home to a noisy rookery of about 1,000 King penguins and their cute brown fluffy chicks and is the only place in the islands they can be seen in such numbers.


David Nichols

Observing the wildlife on Sea Lion Island. This tiny island has one of the greatest variety of bird and animal life of all. Watch penguins struggling to climb the cliffs and bull Elephant seals fighting over their harems. Here is the best place for spotting killer whales with two resident pods.
Chris Parrott

Chris Parrott

Exploring the remote Carcass Island, hilly and rugged. It’s a dream place for bird watchers - spot some of the 220 bird species to be found in the Falklands, such as oystercatchers with their distinctive long red beaks.


Chris Rendell-Dunn

Spending time on the Devil’s Nose rocky promontory on West Point Island, with a population of 30,000 black-browed albatrosses. Watch them unfurl their tail feathers in courtship dances before launching themselves off the steep cliffs.

What our experts say

The Falklands are of course best known for the dispute between Britain and Argentina. Not many people know what an absolute paradise they are for bird-watchers. With a total island population of 30,000 black-browed albatross, the Devil’s Nose rocky promontory is a breathtaking spot. For several peaceful and captivating hours I watched these graceful flying machines unfurl their tail feathers in practiced courtship dances before launching themselves off the steep cliffs, swooping down and gliding effortlessly out to sea.

Ben Line

Ben Line

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96% of our clients rated their experience with us as Good or Excellent.

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96% of our clients rated their experience with us as Good or Excellent.

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