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Browse our selection of active holidays, or for expert tips and travel articles on the best treks in South America, plus advice on where to horse ride, mountain bike, raft or kayak, explore our active inspiration page.



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Tailor Made

Ecuador & The Galapagos Islands -  Active Sports: Bike, Hike, and Ride in the Highlands and Islands >

11 days from £3,699
Ecuador and the Galapagos have a mind-boggling variety of gorgeous landscapes.This full-on multisport holiday puts together mountain biking, hiking, kayaking and horse riding to create the perfect active holiday on the mainland of Ecuador and in the Galápagos Islands, traditionally visited by cruise but now open up to land based discovery.

Unique non-stop active holiday in the Andes and islands

Tailor Made

Ecuador & The Galapagos Islands -  Land-based, Multi-activity Island hopping >

10 days from £2,660
On our land-based island hopping holiday you’ll get to know three of the most important islands quite intimately, your excursions and activities accompanied by accompanied by friendly and informative English-speaking guides. Most meals and excursions while you are on the islands are included: it’s a really comprehensive holiday, you don’t have to worry about a thing, just sit back and relax in the world’s greatest theatre of wildlife.

Hotel-based holiday with in depth exploration of three islands

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Tailor Made

The Galapagos Islands -  Outdoor Activities on Isabela Island >

Isabela is the largest Galápagos island, yet its only settlement, Puerto Villamil, has only recently started to welcome land-based visitors. We recommend a stay of at least 4-5 days, so you can really get to know one island with guided explorations by road, boat, on foot, by bike and by kayak.

Land-based discovery of the Galápagos' largest island

Tailor Made

Peru -  Active Peru >

14 days from £2,697
This is an adventurous, active holiday which uses the flexibility of walking, biking and river rafting to give you a different perspective of the Cusco area of southern Peru. Go behind the scenes to visit markets, isolated villages, ruined Inca sites. Travelling on foot, by bike or raft, you’ll catch glimpses of a hidden Peru no less captivating than the highlights (which you won’t miss either, of course…)

Walking, biking and rafting arond Cusco and Machu Picchu

Discovery Journeys - Small group tours

Argentina & Chile -  Charito Journey: Pure Patagonia >

11 nights from £3,098 including flights from the UK
Highlights of this 2 week escorted tour of Patagonia (Chile and Argentina) include Santiago and wineries, Torres del Paine, Perito Moreno glacier, El Chaltén and Buenos Aires.

Easy and medium effort walking in Patagonia's best national parks, tour led

Tailor Made

Chile -  Luxury Riding Holiday in the Atacama Desert and Patagonia >

12 days from £4,799
the explora hotels have devised two amazing 5 day guided holidays, based at their luxurious properties, for experienced riders who will be able to enjoy a full range of riding experiences in the Andes. Enjoy wilderness riding in the magnificent desert landscapes of the Atacama and among the lakes and glaciers of Patagonia.

Luxury horse riding holiday in the wilderness of the Chilean Andes

Tailor Made

Ecuador & The Galapagos Islands -  Active Adventures in the Galápagos and Walking in Andean Ecuador >

11 days from £2,462
Don’t fancy a cruise? Enjoy a varied holiday in the Galápagos Islands based at a modest guesthouse on Isabela Island, with excursions and activities on offer including hikes, mountain-biking, horse-riding,sea-kayaking, snorkelling, and day tours to other islands. You’ll see plenty of the unique Galápagos wildlife during your stay. Also, spend a few days hiking in the Andes on mainland Ecuador.

Land-based holiday on Isabela Island with hiking and other outdoor activities

family holiday
Tailor Made

Panama -  Active Family Holiday in the Wilds of Panama >

14 days from £9,885 for a family of four
Panama may not be an immediately obvious destination for a family holiday, but it is a friendly, safe and fascinating country with a romantic history of pirates and treasure and scope for no end of adventures in its little explored rainforest, heaving with wildlife, and on the palm-shaded beaches of its coral islands. There are even indigenous tribes living an autonomous, traditional life to meet too. This is where to go if your family really loves the outdoor life.

Thrills and spills in historic and wildlife-rich Panama

family holiday
Tailor Made

Peru -  The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu - Peru for Walkers >

10 days from £1,440
We've created a comprehensive walking holiday in Peru which includes the ever-popular Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, one of the world’s top treks. Led by a qualified guide and with fully-supported camping, hike through narrow valleys and across the flanks of the Andes to high-altitude passes. There are panoramic views of snow-splashed peaks while you follow the Inca paved pathway through a string of ancient settlements and temples to the Sun Gate and Machu Picchu.

Fully supported classic Inca Trail and Peru walking highlights for individuals

Tailor Made

Argentina -  Patagonia on foot: Walking among southern glaciers and Tierra del Fuego >

15 days from £2,868
The world's most spectacular wilderness mountain treks can be hard to reach. Not so in Argentine Patagonia: holidays in Argentina with fully supported camping/hiking trails are just a short drive away from the airports of El Calafate, Los Glaciares National Park, and and Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego National Park. We've put these two treks together in one amazing walking holiday.

Two great Patagonian treks for individuals, fully supported with qualified guides



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